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Hypnosis     for   Sport  

Sports Hypnosis Kilsyth

*Please read the instructions before relaxing into hypnosis.
Hypnosis session: 28:32mins

Hypnosis is an enjoyable, and totally safe experience, during which the mind remains conscious and in control. Once the state of hypnotic relaxation has been reached, the subconscious mind is able to ‘listen in' and absorb information, suggestion and other content which bring about the therapeutic changes .

New to Hypnosis?

Listening Instructions:

•  Find yourself a comfortable place to sit, where you have a reasonable chance of being undisturbed for half an hour or so. An upright chair, such as a kitchen chair is best, as this will lessen the chances of you falling off to sleep. Switch off the phone(s).

A quiet environment is not essential if you are listening on headphones. Listening during a train or car journey is fine. Never use if you are driving, cycling or operating machinery.

For best effect it is advisable to use headphones. Some people prefer to listen while lying down. Wherever you decide to listen, make sure you remain warm.

•  Switch on the player above, close your eyes and enjoy following the instructions as you hear them. You will hear my voice guiding you pleasantly into a hypnotic state of deep relaxation.

•  If you are interrupted, for example by the phone or doorbell, simply open your eyes, pause the recording and you will come straight out of hypnosis, though some individuals may feel a little like being disturbed from sleep. When you resume, you will most likely find that you can simply restart from where you broke off and will quickly return to the same depth of deep calm. If not, restart from the beginning.

•  At the end of the recording, my voice will slowly bring you back to waking consciousness and you can resume daily activities as normal.


Play as often as you enjoy - every day if you wish, but at least twice a week. Notice the changes the more you make hypnotic listening a habit.